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The village Anger, which was attached to the village and former Hofmark Grafenried.and was situated about 1 km northwest of the village of Grafenried. It was founded by Wolf Eytl Pelkhofer by settling there 7 people "at a cleared away and very stony place above the run "Biberbach".

    He also built a glassworks, which however was destroyed in Thirty Years War. Later at that place houses were built.

    From 1764 - 1822 in Anger there was an Austrian custom office. In 1713 the village had 18 residents. In 1767 Anger had 20 peasants and 5 cottagers. In 1789 it had 28 house numbers. In 1839 it had 34 houses and 376 residents, in 1913 it were 36 houses with 286 residents and in 1939 there were 38 houses. In each case the Einschichten "Dietlhof", "Schlickenhof", "Eselhäuser" as well as the part of the village called "Unteranger" were added. Remarkable is the decline in the number of residents from 286 in 1913 to 191 residents in 1939.

    The remnants of a former stone wall in the ãHundmark" above of the village as well 
as numerous pieces of metal and coins which were found along the wall while doing 
field-work, point to a very old settlement. Anger was attached to the parish of Grafenried.

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