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This German Bohemian Heritage Page is Dedicated to the memory of Rudi Kiefner who devoted  his entire life to preserving the history and culture of the German Bohemian people. He traveled extensively to his beloved Homeland collecting photos of the beautiful Böhmerwald and its many picturesque villages. He also traveled to the United States and visited the German Bohemian communities in New York, Chicago and New Ulm, Minnesota as well as communities in Canada. He established the Bischofteinitz Heimat Museum in Furth Im Wald, Bavaria. It is the purpose of this webpage to carry on Rudi’s life’s work in  preserving  Our German Bohemian Legacy.

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This German Bohemian Heritage Page is Dedicated to the Memory of my dear friend Louie Lindmeyer. Louie was a Charter Member of the GBHS, a President of the society, and the Editor of the Heimatbrief newsletter for many years.The idea of creating the German Bohemian Immigrant Monument in New Ulm originated with Louie. He was a tireless worker for the society and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, my loyal friend. May 21, 1951 - April 18, 2018


This German Bohemian Heritage Page is Dedicated to the Memory of Marlene Domeier of New Ulm, Minnesota, a Dear Friend and an elegant German Bohemian lady. January 8, 1939 - November 7, 2017.

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I would also like to dedicate this webpage to my Mother Rose Paulson (nee) Helget and my Grandmother  Matilda Groebner (nee) Rewitzer who preserved Our German Bohemian  Legacy for me..

Thank You

I would like to thank my German Bohemian friends the late Johan Gröbner, and Rudolph Womes as well as my dear loyal friends Maximillien  Utz and Molly Schweinfurter who have so diligently documented our German Bohemian Heritage.

especially want to thank Angie Portner, the heart and soul of the German Bohemian Heritage Society. For many years Angie  worked cataloging and arranging the GBHS library, organizing the society's annual Potluck Picnic, and contributed recipes and helped publish,  our  very popular German Bohemian cook books. May she rest in Peace.

I would also like to thank Dan Hoisington for friendship  and support and capturing the German Bohemian culture in his documentary A Homeland Transplanted and  I would like to thank Cory Klinge for his patient and timeless help in publishing my webpage and my lovely granddaughter Brianna Rivet for helping edit and complete this webpage. 

And last but not least. I would like to thank my family for their love and encouragement  while I labored to produce Our German Bohemian Legacy; especially my wife Dorothy who faithfully edited, translated and typed all my work

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