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The hunting lodge of the Counts Coudenhove-Kalergi, noble overlords of Ronsperg, lies a half kilometer north of Unterhütten on a three-sided hill 610 meters high. It consisted of buildings surrounded by walls, a little church and a small house Diana is the Goddess of the hunt, of homestead and of agriculture; and therein lies the double meaning of the name of the place. The Meierhof was laid out in 1736 when the brothers Johann, Friedrich and Christof Wenzel von Wiedersperg took over the property and wanted to increase agricultureal production.

The name "Dianahof" was first mentions in records of the year 1757. In 1763 a shepherd named Philippe Polak came to Dianahof. On the 10th of December during the same year there was a negotiation between the administration of Muttersdorf and subjects from Steinlohe. In 1812 the Meierhof burned to the ground. In 1819 the Baron Christof von Wiedersperg build the hunting lodge in its place. Back then daily pay for hand workers was a loaf of bread. When houses were numbered in 1770, the hunting lodge was designated house number 1 of Unterhutten.

The subsequent owner, Count Hans Coudenhove-Kalergi enlarged the little schloss [manor house] and used it as a summer home as well as to accommodate his guests for the hunt. In 1808 it was called "Forstamt Dianahof" [Dianahof forest ranger station]. But at that timethe forest superintendent was located in Schwanenbrückl.

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