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Franzelhütte had 25 houses with 136 population and was administered from Eisendorf.  It was 3 km South of Eisendorf and located in the middle of the forest, close to the Bavarian border.   While a road connected to Eisendorfhütte, there were also beautiful forest roads(trails)  across the Drachselberg to reach Eisendorfhütte.A few small farmers and Häuslers (house owners without farming activity) who made use of the few cleared fields, which were created by logging 200 years ago.

The logging was needed to supply wood to the glass factory which was established by Elias Zahn in 1741,The name was given to the village by its land owner Franziska Zuckervon Tamfeld 

In the glass factory they manufactured  table-glassware, but also glass pearls (chips or parts) for crystal chandeliers.  From the manufacture of mirrors the house name  “Blecha” was created.  The Glass manufacture ended there in  1797.

In the year 1893, the Franzelhütte school was exported to Eisendorf. Franzelhütte became a popular vacationing area, especially from the Bavarian side. There were hikers coming from there to visit “Stampfl-Toni” which was a nickname for Anton Grundler, who was a very popular innkeeper playing the Zither.

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