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Hirschsteinhäusl, also called "Gibacht", is located on the western slope of Lissa  Mountain and in  1789 was part of the holdings of  Kauth, and had 9 houses.. Schaller named the village “Little Hirschstein House” or “Give eight".

In 1839 it belonged to the brothers and Count Franz Philipp Graf Stadion-Thannhausen and had 12 houses with 107 German residents. It had belonged to the parish of Schüttwa until 1784, thereafter it belonged the parish of Stockau there and also a hunting lodge there. 1913  the place had 33 houses with 233 inhabitants. In 1896 a school was built, which was attended  in 1913 by 69 children. In 1939 there were 213 inhabitants. From this place you enjoyed a wonderful view of the Bohemian Forest. There also was a fire brigade here.

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