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    The village of Hollupschen lies 5 Km north of Hostau on the Sichrowarer Creek.  The village lay at the main road between Zwirschen and Haid.  It is east of Anhöhe and west of Waldungen.  Hollupschen was founded in 1379.  In 1789, there were 8 houses.  In 1839, that number had grown to 26 and 180 residents

.  Hollupschen had belonged to the lord of Hostau and later to that of Bischofteinitz.  In 1913 the village had 37 houses and 201 residents.  In 1945, there were still 37 houses and 169 German citizens.  The towns of Garassen and Wabitz belonged to Hollupschen as well.  
    In 1937 the area of Hollupschen was 201.94 hectares, of which: 106.29 ha was arable land, 26.62 hectares were meadows, 1763 ha were pastures, 41.10 ha was forest, 2.16 acres were gardens, 1.95 ha was farmland, 0.85 ha and 4.84 ha were unproductive other reason. The town had 2 Inns, 1 general store, 1 mill and one blacksmith/ egg and butter dealer.

    The city was home to many farmers and peasants who would often go to Austria when there was no paid work at home.  The small time farmers were often also trained in masonry, carpentry and other skilled crafts.  They often traveled to Saxony, as carpentry work there was very well paid.  They often left from Easter (or Christmas when good weather allowed) and returned with their wages.  During this time the women and children made do with what was provided by the farm.  These “Sachsengeher” (Saxony goers) were only home 14 days, before they went to Vienna to work in the breweries until the coming Spring and then returned to Saxony.  These people were very frugal, and often put money away to buy a field or meadow to increase their property holdings for later.  After World War II they worked for domestic masters or went to Eger, Asch, Sokolov, or Brüx Dux to work in construction which at that time was very active. Others went to Tonschacht to work in industry.

Hollupschen was in the parish of Melmitz until 1906. In 1907, an elementary school was built, then an independent school was converted (52 schoolchildren from Hollupschen, and Garassen Wabitz).
In Hollupschen, there was a chapter of the German Federal Šumava, a cattle association, a local chapter of the Christian Social Union, the German Cultural Society and an electricity cooperative. The electric light was introduced in 1928 through cooperative construction. A Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1931. On 6 June 1932 there was a fire engine consecration. On 1 May 1940 the Veterans' Association was founded. The consecration of the flag of the 40-member club was held on 3 November 1940.

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