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The village Horauschen isabout 2 km south-east of Hostau , whose parish it belonged in 1784 . Before, it was in  parish of Muttersdorf . Horauschen is first mentioned in official documents as " Horauschen " or " Harouschen " and was incorporated to Schlattin .

Horauschen is mentioned as " Horus " in 1379 for the first time)In 1388 was the place with Muttersdorf , Hostau , Ostrow ( Wasserau) , Gramatin and Hassatitz in the possession of Community of Hostau .

By walking Horauschen was reached from Hostau on a footpath along the Altbaches and with vehicles from the " Ronsperger Road”.from the south. The nearest railway station was the Muttersdorf Stattion ( about 700 meters ) . West of the corridor of the railway plan was - Taus and from Altbach limited and in the east of the foothills of the Althütten Mountain ( 527 m). The population lived almost exclusively on agriculture , but some residents had also happen to other professions.

During World War Fallen 5 were lost in the Second World War 3 killed and 7 missing.

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