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(Jungrindl) was situated 4 km south of Rindl at the foot of the hill, in the middle of the forest. It consisted of 12 houses, of which Hegerhaus (lodge) belonged to the municipality Šibanov (Schiefernau), 2 houses belonged to Pivoň (Stockau) and 9 houses fell under Korytany (Rindl).The inhabitants engaged in agriculture, forestry, knitting baskets, wrought iron working and lace production. Trash rakes were mass produced and sold at weekly markets in Pobezovice. 

The secluded location was also a popular destination for tourists in the summer. In winter, however, deep snow isolated the village from a wide area (the postman came up once a week). Due to the high altitude was under optimum weather conditions to see the Jungrindl the entire county in Horšovský Tyn (Bischofteinitz), the most Tachova (Tachau), also a significant part Domažlic (Taus) and rarely even very distant panorama of Pilsen. 

Many local families emigrate for a better life to New Ulm in the U.S. in the second half of the 19th century. Added: April 5, 2013

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