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Nedraschitz was formerly the lord of manor in place itself. All the first of the estate, which also belongs to the castle, is called in the 1300s Protiva of Smedrazice. The owners changed in the course of the century, 1801 in property of the family Helm over and until remains>in the place itself subservient. The first lord of the estate, which also includes a shed, is called in 1300 Protiva of Smedrazice. The last landlord is Georg Helm.It is striking that in the last century 11 Jewish families lived in the village. They formed their own Jewish community and had also built a temple.

Since most of the grand and floor belonged to the Meierhof, there were no large farms in Nedraschitz. According to the earlier classification, there were: 1 half farmer, 7 quarters peasants, 9 eighth peasants and 29 chaplains. The small farmers had farmed mostly leased grand, facing them. The landlords came to their own land by gradually buying fields from the farmers in neighboring Honositz.


The children were studying the elementary school in places. A volunteer fire brigade association founded in 1907 was well equipped and trained to fight fires; they also organized some communal entertainment. To preserve German nationality, a branch of the German Cultural Association was active. After the First World War, the youth had joined forces with the German rural youth, preparing for their future tasks in the village and in the wider community.

During the construction of the road in the direction of Honositz, bronze objects were found in a gravel quarry, sickle-shaped long knives - found, which were acquired b the StadtisAe Museum in Mies.The Salofl, which dates back to the second half of the 18th century, is a long building with a mansard roof , on which the buttresses strengthen the buttress. The Johann von Nepomuk-Chapel was built around the year 1750 at the expense of Merklin's wife Merklin, a native Countess Priaowsky. The chapel is bricked, on the side, with a Bleadome and skylights. Inside the chapel there are pictures from the life of hi. Joh. V. Nepomuk painted (Beiate der Konigin and Briickensturz). During the expulsion of the German inhabitants in 1946, 58 families arrived in West Germany, 18 naA in Central Germany, 3 remained in Czechoslovakia and one family was unknown.



Baumgartl: 15. - Beer Beers Franz and Marie, b. Seer: 53. - Czasny Katharina, b. Kostler: 72. - Diirl: 6. - Eigengerger Franz and Maria, b. Schiller: 5 /- Flei Anna, b. HirsAel: 26. - Glaser Leo: 13. - Guldan Wenzl and Anna, b. Neubauer: 58/45. - Helm Georg Joseph, Schlofi and Gutshof: 1, 2, 7, 7V2, 16, 17, 64, 55. - Hirschl Anton and Anna, b. Herzer: 69/22. - Hirschl Josef and Katharina: 32/63. - Janka - Stadlmann Margarethe: 46. - Knur Peter and Anna, b. Sprenger: 47. - Kohlschreiber Franz and Marie: 14. - Korbl Johann and Margarethe, b. Karmann: 48. - Kostler Georg and Marie, b. Brichzin: 18th - Krippner Franz and Barbara, b. Hammerl: 25. - Krippner Elisabeth and dr. Franz Krippner: 10, - Krippner Johann: 12th - Krippner Josef and Marie, b. Kastner: 56. - Krippner Theresia, b. Lappat: 21. - Krippner Wenzl: 49.Lappat Ludwig and Margarethe: 37. - Mahal Josef and Anna, b. Krippner: 23/65. - Manlik Franz: 24/66. - Manlik Franz and Margareta, b. Krippner: 36 /

The L-shaped building is the livestock barn, hay, machinery storage, etc, the rectangle building is the house and the little dot could be wood shed, smoke house. 

It's not an out house, as human waste was mixed with animal waste and use for fertilizer. NO. 28 was the Franta Homestead where, Niklas and Eva (Kuhn) Franta lived. 

It is the property that was transferred from Sebastian Kuhn to his son-in-law Niklas Franta in 1774. Johann, Josef, and Nikolaus were born in No. 28. They were the 3 Franta brothers who came to the US with their mother Margaretha. The present owner of the Site No. 28, is Josef and Irena Hroch who have a new house, No. 31 on the 2008 map. Irena gave me the book on Nedraschitz, when we had a nice visit in their home, June 2009. Josef aunt and uncle who live in Germany were visiting, at the same time, so we were able to visit well in German. 

Cletus Franta, New Ulm, MN

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