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Neumark/ Všeruby

Neumark, Všeruby is a small town in the district of Domažlice. It is located in the pass between Jezvinec and the foothills of the Bohemian Forest situated between Kdyně and Furth im Wald. The Allerub Pass is also a geographical divide between the Bohemian Forest and the Bohemian Forest. An important trade route to Regensburg led through the pass through the Allerub Pass, where an early-Bavarian road was built in 1811-1815. Around 1580 a settlement belonging to the Rožmberk Castle was founded. In the years 1584 - 1665, the Koc family owned the village. In 1680, Polyxena sold the village of Volf Maxmilián Lamingar from Helversen, and in 1697 the village was bought by Jindřich Stadion and since 1850 the village belongs to Kout. Of the older, historically valuable buildings, only the Church of Sts. Archangel Michael from 1650 (built during the Thirty Years War). The church was reconstructed after a fire in 1852 and newly reconstructed in 1990 - 1991. In front of the church there is a memorial plaque of the writer Božena Němcová (1847-1848). Božena Němcová stayed here with her husband, who was a financial officer and drew here some ideas for your stories. In the corner of the cemetery is the tombstone of Jiří Leopold Weisl, a doctor and lover of regional history, who in 1848 wrote the first work on the Chod process between Chody and Lamingen. He obtained historical data from the stadium archive in Kouta in Sumava. A famous battle is brought to the Všerubský Pass, seduced in 1040 between the winning Czech Prince Břetislav I and the German Emperor Henry III. Behind Brůdka stands the church of st. Wenceslas from the 17th century, which was apparently built in honor of the victorious battle between Bohemia and the Germans in 1040, the Hájek Church of Sts. Anna on Tanaberka from the beginning of the 18th century, which is considered the most remarkable building of the West Bohemian Baroque. The pilgrimage of Saint Mary is held here at the end of July. 

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