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Contributed by Vladimir Minarik


Schneiderhof, the extinct village stood west of Všeruby between the road to Maxov and the state border. The village was founded around 1579 "in the middle of forests", but today the area is totally deforested. For some time there was a glass factory. In 1930, the village had 55 houses with German inhabitants.


After the expulsion in 1945, the village was partly settled, but with the beginning of socialism, the inhabitants had to leave for the creation of the border zone. Then there were several objects used by border guards, but they were abandoned and derelict after the space of the village was found "behind the wires" that were moved to the Všeruby-Maxov road (until that time they led south from the place to the dam of the existing one pond). Today, there is only a transformer which, for unknown reasons, has escaped liquidation, although it has nothing to supply, and the scarce remains of the foundations overgrown with dense trees. In the 1990s, a large agricultural area was to be built near the investor in Germany, but this was not the case, and it was still abandoned.

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