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Tannawa, 12 kilometers southwest of Bischofteinitz, once belonged to the monastery of Stockau. The name is believed to have originated in a surname--Zdan or Zdanowa. Saint Koloman was originally buried in Tannawa, but so many came to visit his tomb that the remains were moved to Stockau. A chapel was built over the original burial site in his honor. The interior of the chapel was dedicated with a beautiful and valuable altar. This chapel was under the rule of Ronsperg. Every year on Pentecost Sunday a pilgrimage was made to Tannawa in his honor.

In 1789 “Dannawa” had 25 houses and a church. In 1839 there were 38 houses and 253 inhabitants. In addition to the chapel there was a school, Hunters Lodge, earthenware factory, a mill and an inn.

In 1939 Tannawa had grown to 60 houses and 274 inhabitants. The residents in 1939 were mostly farmers. Additional trades included a grocer, three tailors, one blacksmith, one carpenter and one miller.

Tannawa had its own elementary school.A volunteer fire department was organized in 1911.

The Augustinian monastery was eventually converted into an earthenware factory and farm. A statue of St. Augustin stood on the village square opposite the monastic buildings for many years.

Tannawa lost five residents to World War I. World War II saw the loss of thirteen soldiers and one Red Cross worker.

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