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Untersekerschan was situated 8 kilometers from Mies to the southeast. The village was one of the 43 chattels belonging to Chotieschau. It was one of the smallest German farming villages, which was created during the reconstruction of the Bergmannsdorf, and was meant to house the workers. So, in 1921 Untersekerschan had 126 houses, 783 citizens, 631 (81%) of whom spoke German and 137 Czech, who were mainly employed as laborers at the Rudolfschacht. The Children attended the Folk School in Obersekerschan.

Otto Ludwig Franz Soukup, born 1927 in house number 7, was ordained a priest in 1961, in Admont Austria. A Benedictine named Father Hermann was the last parish priest from Weng by Admont.

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